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We provide best collection of original happy birthday poems for everyone to say happy birthday in a poetic way. Birthday poems are best way to wish on their birthday with most impressive manner, choose best poem below based on nature of your loved one and send it personally or share on social media.

Best happy birthday poems

Today is the day when on earth you came,
Since that day, for my happiness you are to blame.
You filled my life with excitement and fun,
You are refreshing like the rain & bright like the sun.
May God bless you with many more birthdays to come,
And may every birthday be more special than the previous one!
Happy Birthday to you dearest one!

On your special day I wish you happiness and joy,
So ask God for whatever you want without being shy or coy.
On this day I wish for you that all your dreams come true,
So dream with all your heart for old wishes and new.
May each and every second of your day be filled with delight,
May your birthday be indeed special from morning till night.
Many Happy Returns Of The Day.

Spread a smile, spread the cheer
Look around, it is your day,
make a list to spread it all
and then everyday is your day.

Fill the rooms, with balloons,
and stuff some mouths with sweets.
Make a list to do it all,
and then enjoy the pleasant treats.

Gather some faith, earn some hope,
make the most of this beautiful day.
gather it all, just to give it all
spread the joy, it is your day.

I wish you a very
Happy Birthday!

Special gifts for you on your special day,
May it indeed be very special for you in every way.
Birthday wishes sent to you with lots & lots of love,
To a person who is no less than an angel sent from heaven above.
A very Happy Birthday to you!

The day is beautiful, occasion truly special,
Sweetness is around, with smiling faces.
Light the candles, gobble the candies,
Pray to God with faith and make some thoughtful wishes.

The merry tunes that cheer us all,
The world sings along to wish you.
With lovely gifts and jolly hearts,
I wish they all come together to bless you.
May you have a rocking Birthday. Enjoy!

Birthday is always a special time,
It is the time to show,
That you are getting mature with age,
And, with it you are turning a sage,
Birthdays are special,
So cherish them with cheer,
Live for the moment and forget the fear!

Happy birthday to you my dear,
May you have a bright start this year,
May god bless you in whatever you do,
Coz you are so honest and true,
Have a mind-blowing day,
Wish you a very happy birthday!

Birthdays are days to dance and sing,
They are days to count all your blessings.
They are to be enjoyed with family and friends,
So enjoy your day to the fullest till it ends.
Happy Birthday my dear.

Sweet like honey, and as caring as a bee,
Heart like an ocean, filled with glee.
Life with you is not just an unclained melody,
But even better than life long symphony.
And I’m so glad that you my dear,
You’ve just completed one more year.
Happy Birthday.

Once a year this special day comes,
So that we can give you birthday bumps.
This special day to remind you of our love,
And to get you blessings from all of us.
To reload your life with lots of surprises,
And to wish you a great year full of fun.

Today, instead of counting your years,
Count your blessings and your birthday nears.
Remember those special people for whom you care,
Who have enriched your life by always being there.
And relive the past that has made you who you are,
Those that passing time can never mar.
A very Happy & Blessed Birthday to you.

A day filled with blessings,
Finally arrives,
Shower you with love,
Laughter and surprises,
Hope you enjoy everything,
In all seasons,
Wish you Happy Birthday,
With smiles and hugs.

Happy birthday to you my dear,
Have an awesome day,
Play the music and cut the cake,
Which I have lovingly baked,
Happy birthday and have a nice day,
That’s my only wish for you today!

A brand new year gifted to you by God,
Packed with lots of love & sent to you from heaven above.
All the angels of heaven sing the birthday song,
For today is the day, when on earth, a star was born.
Have a great birthday!

Feelings are good,
And sometimes bad,
But blessed are you,
When you never feel sad.
So here comes day,
Every year in everyone’s life,
To bless each one of us,
With enthusiasm and happiness.

Birthdays are special,
Birthdays are fun,
Make it more special,
Feel number one,
No one will stop you in the race of life,
Get there on top,
where you don’t have to strive,
Happy birthday to you!

Day by day a year went by,
Today is my birthday and I am wondering what to buy.
Clothes, chocolates, shoes and bags,
There seem to be a whole lot I want to drag.
Not for me but for the little ones who can’t afford,
And my humble help puts me in their hearts well stored.
Happy Birthday!

A special wish from me,
Its only for you to see,
With lots of luck and love this day,
To make it a very special today,
Enjoy yourself and have a blast,
Coz its your day, your birthday!

This special birthday bash,
Is all for you,
Hope you enjoy it well,
With lots of happiness,
May you get all you want,
Till the next year comes,
With the new ones.

It is your birthday,
So enjoy your day,
Make it special,
In many which ways,
Stay blessed and forget the rest,
Happy birthday have a nice day!

Happy birthday to you,
Stay blessed forever,
Coz people like you are so few,
Have loads on fun on your special day,
Make it interesting in many ways,
Enjoy your day,
Once again,
wish you a very happy birthday!

I just wish you joy all the way
May you have the most amazing day
A day filled with smiles and laughter
A day when you don’t sought an after
When you think it will happen that way
It’s your birthday, so you enjoy your day
Don’t forget to smile all bright
So that your day bring you more light
Have a lovely day my dear,
Spread along the birthday cheer,
Happy birthday to you!

It’s the time to party hard,
Take this as a new start,
Fulfill all your wishes this day,
On your very special day,
Enjoy to the fullest,
Coz its your birthday!

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