Best birthday wishes for niece:A niece is a treasure whose worth you cannot measure except by the love in heart, aunt and uncle have special bond with their nieces. Get niece birthday wishes below to say happy birthday niece.

Best birthday wishes for niece

1. my dearest niece, whenever your dad grounds you, whenever your mom scolds you, whenever your teachers punish you, whenever your friends tease you, always remember that you have an aunt who is waiting to hug you!

2. Delicate like a flower, beautiful like a sunset, my dear niece, you are the best person that I’ve met gently like a lamb tender like a soft pillow you are among the best people that I know soothing like white sand fresh like morning dew happy birthday sweetheart, needless to say, I love you

3. happy birthday, niece hopes your birthday is just like you, really lovely and wonderful too.

4. dear niece, just like a twinkling pearl, you are gorgeous. I just love having you in my life, happy birthday dear niece.

5. dear niece you are a treasure with a heart that’s kind and true so enjoy a birthday filled with joy while god watches over you. happy birthday to a perfect niece.

6. my niece, my little princess, you totally rule my heart, in the story of my life you are the best part your sweet smile and magical ways bring happiness in my life, and joy that forever stays happy birthday!

7. happy birthday niece, may your special day brings love, joy, and success in your life. dear lots of love

8. happy birthday dear niece, in soft gleaming of stars, may all your dreams come true, may every star of every night bring love and joy to you.

9. you are not just my niece, you are the caretaker of my heart’s largest piece. happy birthday niece.

10. A birthday is a million moments, each holding a promise of fulfillment of your dreams and accomplishments of some special plans. happy birthday sweet niece.

11. if I could have one thing for you
I know what that would be
that all your dreams and
wishes come true
you’ve been a
wonderful niece to me
happy birthday niece

12. I’m so grateful for having a niece like you happy birthday dear.

13. for a niece as nice as you, here’s wishing may all your dreams come true happy birthday

14. nieces are those lovely messengers of god who are almost a perfect substitutes for daughters. thanks for being one! happy birthday to a wonderful, loving and caring niece

15. you are the reason I have always dream’t of having a daughter. happy birthday wishes to my favorite niece!

16. dear niece surely there is no other niece who is adored as much as you ao this card brings with it so much love it’ll last a lifetime through happy birthday.

17. a bright tone of yellow, for your bubbly personality
a peaceful shade of white, for your soulful humility
a lovely hue of pink, for your high spirits
a sophisticated black, for your intelligence and wits
a deep shade of cherry, for your myriad thoughts
we wish you a colorful life because we love you lots
happy birthday niece!

18. there were a lot of famous people born on your birthday. too bad you aren’t one. may you grow wiser this year happy birthday!

19. dear niece just like a twinkling pearl, you are gorgeous, I just love having you in my life. happy birthday dear niece

20. you’ve grown oh so quickly I have such wonderful memories of your youth, and now that you’re older I’m so very impressed by you, you’re a little treasure in my heart and there you will always stay, happy birthday dear niece.

21. happy birthday niece because you’re very special niece, it’s so nice to have this chance to wish you the best of everything a whole year

22. if I would have had a daughter, I would have wanted one like you I admire you in so many ways and hope all your dreams come true. happy birthday niece.

23. you make the world around you shine bright because of the beautiful light that shines brightly because of the beautiful light that shines from within you. today, we will celebrate you, that light and the profound effect that it has on everyone you meet! happy birthday niece.

24. may your days be filled with the sunshine and beautiful colors happy birthday beautiful niece.

25. I have been so blessed to have you’re for my niece. you are an incredibly smart and gorgeous woman, and I have grown more and more proud of you every day!

26. I’m glad I have another chance to send more love your way as you deserve the sweetest things to nice up your day

27. A niece is a wonderful blessing, a treasure from above she’s laughter, warmth and special charm she’s thoughtfulness and love, a niece brings a special joy that comes from deep inside and as she grows to adulthood she fills your heart with pride. no words can describe the warm memories the pride and gratitude too that come from having a niece to love and cherish, just like you.

28. you are a young lady who touches the world with her own special magic. happy birthday darling niece

29. for a niece who is sweet, wishing you a birthday that is full of treats, happy birthday niece.

30. I will stay young forever at heart with your presence around me. happy birthday my dear niece

31. I wish you a lovely day. not just today because it is your birthday. but all year round. may you always wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, happy birthday dear niece

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