Happy birthday grandson : Sweet cute birthday wishes for grandson to say happy birthday grandson, grandson has a special relationship with grandpa and grandma, wish your lovely grandson on his special day with our unique grandson birthday wishes.

Birthday wishes for grandson

1. You are the elixir of our lives – your presence makes all our woes disappear into thin air. Happy birthday.

2. My doctor has prescribed us an overdose – of your cuteness. Happy birthday.

3. Having an awesome retirement like mine, is not possible without a grandson like you so fine. Happy birthday.

4. When a smile on your face reaches your eyes, its warmth reaches our heart. Happy birthday.

5. With a grandson like you, all our wrinkles feel worth it. Happy birthday.

6. The day my own child was born, my life became beautiful. The day my grandchild was born, it became complete. Happy birthday grandson.

7. The best achievement in my life which required no effort at all – becoming a granddad. Happy birthday.

8. As parents, we would’ve spoilt you rotten. But as your grandparents, we plan to spoil you even more. Happy birthday.

9. Celebrations last for hours, days or weeks. But with a grandson like you, ours will last a lifetime. Happy birthday grandson.

10. Whether you step into my shoes someday or not, don’t ever step out of my heart. Happy birthday.

11. There’s no extra space in my heart – all of it is filled up by a cute grandson like you. Happy birthday.

12. You are the only reason we look forward to growing older. Happy birthday darling.

13. Your grandmother and I promised each other to never fall in love with anyone else in the world. But then we became grandparents and ate our words. Happy birthday grandson.

14. Your delightful squeal is like a melody and laugh is like a rhapsody. My dearest grandson, you fill our life with beauty. Happy birthday.

15. I had a great time being a father to your dad. But I am having a better time being a grandfather to his son. Happy birthday.

16. I thought I had done and seen everything there was to do and see in my life – until I held you in my arms. Happy birthday.

17. As you blow the candles on your cake, here’s a promise we want to make. For you we’ll always be here, whenever you need any help my dear. When all doors are shut on your face, you’ll always have a home at our place. Happy birthday.

18. You are a messy, naughty, unorganized lazy and annoyingly loud teenager. But to us, you’ll always be our adorable grandson. Happy birthday.

19. Your mother got my eyes, your aunt got my nose and your sister got my chin. But you my dear, got my heart. Happy birthday.

20. Most folks of my age love showing off their golf kits, retirement party photos and gardening skills. I just like to show off my young and successful grandson. Happy birthday.

21. I love being a granddad – it’s like being a cool dad without responsibilities. Happy birthday.

22. The last chapter of my life is going to be the finest – all because of a grandson like you. Happy birthday.

23. Whoever knew that the few years of being your grandparents would give us more happiness than many decades of our lifetime? Happy birthday.

24. The best moment in a grandfather’s life is when he has to catch up to his grandson who starts running too fast. Happy birthday.

25. May the sun spread cute teddy bears instead of sunrays, may the clouds shower toys instead of rain and may the night shine with millions of candies instead of stars for my grandson’s birthday.

26. Just when I thought that all the fizz from life was gone, you came and added more soda. Happy birthday.

27. No dish is perfect without salt, no matter how gourmet it is. Similarly, no family is complete without a grandson like you, no matter how perfect it is. Happy birthday.

28. I don’t get my daily fix from my morning coffee or the evening news, but from the hugs and kisses of a loving grandson like you. Happy birthday.

29. A luxurious holiday is no good for relaxation, loving my grandson unconditionally is. Happy birthday.

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