Happy birthday grandma : Most inspirational birthday wishes for grandmother to say happy birthday grandma, grandmother has a special relationship with grandson and granddaughter. So, don’t miss your grandma birthday, wish your grandma with our unique grandmother birthday wishes.

Birthday wishes for grandmother

1. With every passing year, our love and reverence for you has increased. Your blessings have always protected us from all the negativity of the world. Happy birthday granny.

2. Dear grandma, you played with me and made my childhood the best part of my life. I will return the favor to you by spending quality time with you and make your old age the best part of your life happy birthday from your favorite grandchild.

3. We are truly blessed to have you as our Grandma, friend and role model. May all your birthday wishes come as incredibly true as you are! Happy birthday grandma!

4. Happy birthday, my darling Grandma! You’ve taught me so many life lessons — just by example — but they can all be summed up in three words: love, friendship and kindness. What a beautiful legacy.

5. I am so blessed to have a granny like you,
I feel so good when you are around,
Your selfless love that surrounds,
Makes my life colorful,
Happy birthday granny,
You are truly wonderful!
Stay blessed!

6. My words are not powerful enough to show you how much love and respect I have for you. Celebrate your birthday with full color.

7. To the most wonderful person I know in life,
Granny you are always there in my strive,
Can’t thank you enough for being there,
I know you really care,
Wish you a happy birthday!
God bless!

8. I could never express the thousands of feelings I always had for you, dear granny. You taught us the most essential lessons of life so subtly and with so much simplicity that till date they guide us through the thick and thin of life. Happy birthday granny.

9. Whenever your birthday comes around, I’m not reminded about your age. I think once again, with awe, about everything you’ve accomplished during your lifetime. You’re truly amazing. Have an amazingly special day!

10. You always give the best hugs. You know just what to do. So, today I’m sending the biggest hug ever especially to you! Happy Birthday Grandma!

11. I often am reminded of how great you are as a person and as a grandmother. I can see it in the little things that you do to make everyone around feel special. I’m so proud to call you, “Grandma”! Happy Birthday Grandma!

12. Grandma, may you have a birthday that exceeds every expectation you have — with more loved ones than you’ve ever imagined by your side.

13. On your birthday I would like to thank you for all of the love and attention that you have given me, dear Grandmother wishing you a very loving and warm Happy Birthday!

14. May your birthday blossom with joy and fragrance of happiness spread in your life. May you find plenty of reasons to smile, dear Grandma!

15. On this beautiful day, I wish you a time of joy, a prayer of peace, a gift of hope and a heart full of love. Happy Birthday to my beloved Grandma!

16. As a child I can remember your kind words and encouragements during my failures and low days. Thank you very much for all you have done for me and the family.

17. Happy birthday, Granny! May you enjoy as many special days of immense joy, incredible wonder and great health as you brought everyone around you

18. You are one of the most awesome people that I have ever known. That’s why I love you! Happy birthday!

19. You have always given your best to us, be it hope, care or anything else as a matter of fact. Thanks for being kind and nice to us. You have always helped us to balance various states of affairs in our lives. We haven’t seen someone do this particular task with much ease, as you do it. We want you to keep smiling as always. We all love you a lot. We wish that we can shower you with the same love and affection, you have for us. Here is your family members together wishing you a very happy birthday grandma!

20. From my childhood, I have always wondered about only person, my grandmother. I value and respect your words more than anything else in the whole world. You are dear and precious to me. Thanks for helping me to assess and evaluate my life and also for helping me to live it the way I wanted. Happy birthday to the most beautiful grandmother on this planet.

21. On this birthday of yours,
I wish you stay healthy,
I wish you stay happy,
I wish you smile a lot,
Because you are the most wonderful thought
Of the Lord,
Happy birthday Granny!

22. You have a very special and unique place in my heart, which no one else can replace. Even though we are far from each other, I know that you love me a lot and you know that I love you so much. Even though we have not spent more time together from the day I was born, we have dealt with lots of problems together. I have already started to miss you a lot, while I write this birthday wish for you. Hope to see you very soon. Happy birthday grandmother! Have a blast!

23. In this entire world, I can only give you the credit for being the reason of my success in my life. You have always given me strength, power, might, energy, and force to make me grow up in life. You have guided me all through my life and have let me know the difference between good and bad. You have taught me to love everyone and never hate anyone. I am very happy that I have a beautiful person near me, no matter what happens to me. Here is your sweet granddaughter wishing you a very happy birthday.

24. I think I can’t find the exact and precise words to say on this special day. I don’t know how I am going to express and repay my love and gratitude to you for all the love you have showered on me all through my life. So, I send this small beautiful message to let you know that you are more than anyone else to me and also to let you know that I am here for you, as you are for me. Thanks for being the kindest and benevolent person to me and to others too. Happy birthday grandmother!

25. Whenever I needed a hug, you were there. Whenever I needed a pat on my back, you were there. Whenever I had thoughts to communicate, you were there. Whenever I needed care & affection, you were there. Altogether, you were there with me all the time. I could never find a better grandmother than you. I am really blessed to have you. Thanks for being everything. happy birthday grandma!

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