Birthday wishes for fiance:Fate may have brought us together, but it’s my heart that want’s us to stay that way forever. Get more fiance birthday wishes below to say happy birthday fiance.

Sweet birthday wishes for fiance

1. On your birthday today, most people will wish that you earn lots of money, but I wish you wealth. Most people will wish you fun times but I wish you healthy times. Most people will wish you delight but I wish you pure joy. Most people will wish you many friends, but I wish that we always stay together. Happy Birthday!

2. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I wish you all the success, happiness and love in the world.

3. I will remember this birthday forever because it is our first celebration as an officially engaged couple. I love you, happy birthday.

4. First I wished you on your birthday as your friend. Then I wished you on your birthday as your crush. After which, I wished you on your birthday as your girlfriend. Now I am wishing you on your birthday as your fiancée. And soon I will be wishing you on your birthday as your wife. Happy birthday to my fiancé.

5. Happy birthday to the man who I am going to marry. Happy birthday to the man who will be the father of my kids. Happy birthday to the man who will be son-in-law to my parents. Happy birthday to the only man in my life.

6. Today is the first time I am using the word Fiance to wish you a happy birthday on Facebook and Twitter. Happy birthday to my fiance.

7. When I was a little girl, I just had one dream which was to fall in love with my soul mate and to be with him forever. When we got engaged, that dream has come true. Now it is my turn to make all your dreams come true. Happy birthday to my fiance.

8. Every day after our engagement has been so dreamy because being your fiance feels like being a princess to a prince. Happy birthday  fiance, my prince.

9. You are an awesome FIANCE because you are Flirty Impressive Amazing Naughty Charming and Enticing. Happy birthday.

10. Should I give you a treat today because you are the birthday boy or should I give you a treat because you are my fiance? Think carefully and tell me because my treat for you will depend on your answer. Happy birthday fiance.

11. You have been an awesome friend, an awesome boyfriend and an awesome fiance. And I am sure that you are going to continue the trend by being an awesome husband too. Happy birthday fiance.

12. When you were my boyfriend, I made your birthdays a fun and exciting celebration. Now that you are my fiance, I will make your birthday a romantic and sensual celebration. Happy birthday my love.

13. Making your birthday toast this year will be extremely special. Instead of saying it just in front of you, I will be saying it in front of both our friends and families because I am your fiance now. Happy birthday.

14. Wishing you a happy birthday for the first time as your fiance, reminds me of the time when I wished you happy birthday for the first time as your girlfriend. Let’s make this one of the most romantic birthday celebrations ever. Happy birthday, my dear fiance.

15. You gave me the biggest gift of my life when you knelt down on your knee, proposed to me and slipped on the engagement ring on my finger. Even the most expensive birthday gift can never match up to what you have done for me. Happy birthday darling, thanks for everything.

16. The sweetest fiance in the world deserves the sweetest birthday cake. The cutest fiance in the world deserves the cutest birthday wish. The best fiance in the world deserves the best birthday gift. The most romantic fiance in the world deserve the most romantic birthday kiss. Happy birthday to my fiance who is the sweetest, cutest, best and most romantic.

17. I will be upset if you have a birthday wish. After getting such a beautiful and sexy fiancee like me, all your wishes should have already been fulfilled. Happy birthday.

18. I wouldn’t have been the person I am if not for those beautiful moments of my life that I have shared with you. Best wishes for your Happy Birthday!

19. I am wrong to say this year your birthday is extra special, just because we have become engaged. The truth is that your birthdays have been special to me all our lives as a couple, whether engaged or not. Happy birthday to my fiance.

20. It is difficult to buy a gift for you sweetheart. Because I want to buy you the entire world for you. Happy Birthday fiance.

21. Every day of my engagement has felt like a celebration, all because of a romantic fiance like you. Let me show you how romantic I can be as we celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday honey.

22. When my hand is in your hand – my heart meets your heart. You’ve changed my life forever! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

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