Birthday wishes for daughter: Daughters are the sweet angels that god sent to us, to fill our life with love and joy in the heart. Get more daughter birthday wishes below to say happy birthday daughter.

Cute Birthday wishes for daughter

1. Happy birthday daughter, You are my little angel and no matter how many years pass, you are such a joy to me, best birthday wishes on your Birthday daughter.

2. Right from the first time we held you in our arms, You made us fall in love with you, with your irresistible charm. You were the most beautiful thing that we had ever seen, Dearest baby you made us happier than we had ever been. Today on your birthday, looking at you grow up so fine, Makes us love every tiny bit of this time. Happy Birthday to our angelic daughter.

3. Have a wonderful Birthday and a year blessed with faith, inspiration, and hope. Happy Birthday.

4. Every year passes by swiftly And my love for you keeps growing quickly. My love, you are with a graceful face, And I look at you and my whole world loses its pace. My daughter, remember that life is a beautiful journey, And relish every day just like it’s your birthday!

5. My dear daughter, you have been so wise, and you have been so good, A daughter like you so hard to find, so, a touch wood, Happy birthday to you. Have a lovely Birthday.

6. I always thank God for his blessings, And the best of all I don’t have to keep you guessing. For it is you my love, my life and my heart, You entered my life like a piercing dart. There is only joy and pride you left in me, And on your birthday and every day, only the best you will see!

7. I am so thankful to god because I have a daughter like you, my world is different and new, I truly love you. Happy birthday my Angel.

8. My love you outgrew my lap, But never my heart. My love for you can never depart. On your birthday, I want you to know. That happiness multiplies for me as you grow.

9. Sometimes I think about how wonderful daughter you are to me it reminds me of all the happy times and beautiful memories. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

10. You have transformed my life into a fairy-tale, My world has changed, and will never be the same. Because my child, you are an angel from heaven to me, You’re my darling are my most unforgettable dream. Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter.

11. Today we want to know that no matter how much you grow up, you’ve will always be our bundle of joy, rolling in her pyjamas and stealing candies from the jar. Wish you a Happy Birthday daughter. May you never grow up for us!

12. Happy birthday dear You are wished and extra special Birthday because you are extra special Happy Birthday daughter.

13. The first time we held your tiny body in our hands, We swore to God to love you more than anyone ever can. You are our little princess, the apple of our eyes, For your sake, oh dear, we could pay any price. Happy Birthday to our dearest daughter. Daughters are like the sunlight that reflects on the raindrops of our lives to make beautiful rainbows. Happy Birthday. Sweetheart.

14. Happy birthday dear darling daughter. Here’s wish for happiness and many dreams comes true not only on your special day but always, all life through.

15. My daughter, you are as sweet as the cake, The innumerable efforts you make, To see me smile, Is really commendable and worthwhile, I love you so much, do you know, Not many words to show, Stay blessed in life, Happy birthday to you! God made the sun, the earth, the moon, the stars, but love he could not make a love like you!! Happy Birthday daughter.

16. Hope you special day brings you all that your heart desires here’re wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises. Happy Birthday daughter.

17. Happy birthday is a special gesture, To let you know that we care, Baby, whenever you need us, We will always be there, Standing right behind you, May this day bring to you, Everything pleasant and new, Happy birthday daughter.

18. Dear daughter, You are the joy of my days, you are love truer, and you make me fell so happy, I’m so proud of you. Happy Birthday.

19. A loving daughter like you is hard to find, Glad that I can call you mine, Because you are too sweet as a person, Proud that you are my daughter, There can be no one like you or another Happy birthday my angel!

20. Having a daughter means, Seeing a thousand rainbows every day, A thousand sweet dreams every night, A thousand oceans of sweet successes and a thousand reasons to laugh and smile. Happy Birthday sweet daughter.

21. Years have rushed by and you are no longer by my side, But I remember those days when you had secrets to confide. Your dolls and toys are kept away, I don’t get to play those games with you every day. But my love, I look at you and I know, That our love does not need to show. Today is your Birthday and I wish you a hundred more.

22. Daughters are angels, sent from above, to fill our hearts, with unending love. Happy Birthday to my darling daughter.

23. Happy Birthday to the most adorable, sweet, loving, caring, daughter I know that is you, sweetheart, stay happy and blessed!

24. You fill my world with colors of life, The way you smile makes my day, My princess, you are the reason why I stay happy, Not today but every day, May god bless you on this special day! Wish you a lovely birthday!

25. From the first day, we knew you are something special. You have proven it to true. Wishing you a very happy and memorable birthday!

26. Daughters are those angels, who stay in the heart, And, we wish that they never part, To my most loving daughter, I wish to see you smile, Not only one day but all the while, Happy birthday to you, Have a blessed day so new!

27. You’re an incredibly smart and gorgeous woman and I am so proud of you. You are the best daughter any mother can have….

28. Birthdays are another way to say, That you mean a lot to us, You are the sparkle of our eyes, You are so cool, yet so wise, My angel, may you forever smile, On this lovely day ahead, Wish you a great birthday!

29. My dearest treasure you light up my life each day you’re a great kid have a wonderful birthday a cool party with all your friends. Happy birthday.

30. As long as I can showering my love on my daughter, I will be happy now and forever. Happy birthday to my greatest source of joy, wonder and adventure! I love you…

31. Happy birthday to the best daughter in the whole world wide! We are so proud that you had grown into such a fine, young and beautiful woman. Have a brilliant birthday….

32. Daughters like you are fairies. They make their parents’ lives magical like a surreal fairy tale. Happy Birthday to you angel.

33. A daughter is a chapter without whom the story of her parent’s life can never be complete. Happy birthday darling.

34. On your birthday today, we hope that your happy times divide, successes add up and frustrations get subtracted. Wishing you a happy birthday girl!!!

35. There is anything in this world which is comparable to the beauty of our daughter. There is not anything in the world which is as happy birthday to our sweetest Daughter!!!!

36. Happy birthday my beautiful daughter. A daughter is someone you LAUGH with DREAM with LOVE with all your HEART.

37. Daughter, you are wonderful wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a daughter who is always SPECIAL and LOVED very much.

38. DAUGHTER! Happy birthday, my dear daughter, I am lucky to have a daughter like you, and the when you came to our life is not the only celebration for you, but also for us…

39. Birthday greeting to daughter, I always thank god for his blessings and the best of all I don’t have to keep you guessing. For it is you my love, my life and heart, you entered my life like a piercing dart. There is only joy and pride you left in me And on your birthday and every day only the best you will see!!!!!!

40. Hey, I’ve been looking for a piece of my heart from my heart for many years. May it has fallen down somewhere on my way…. a have you took it? Happy Birthday dear daughter.

41. Daughter did you know …. it takes dedication and hard work to achieve greatness but only one special daughter to inspire genuine pride. Happy birthday daughter.

42. Having you as my child made me realize hoe beautiful life is. Your smile always brightens my day. Happy birthday sweetie…

43. On you birthday to we wish you 365 days fun, frolic, happiness and uncontrollable laughter! Happy birthday. We love you, our dear daughter.

44. There’s nothing more sweet and gratifying in life than celebrating an angle’s birthday, and that angel, my daughter, is you! Wish a very happy birthday daughter.


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