happy 40th birthday

40th birthday wishes : Best collection of 40th birthday wishes to say happy 40th birthday in a most funny inspirational manner.

Best 40th birthday wishes

1. May your 40th birthday party be filled with love from near and dear ones. Have a superb day and a fantastic year ahead of you. May you have many more birthdays to come! Happy Birthday dear.

2. Happy Birthday to the 40-year old who is strong, daring, independent, loving, caring, helpful, fun and also gorgeous! May you have a brilliant day.

3. For those who really believe in enjoying life, age is just a number. May you have a marvelous 40th birthday bash and a lovely year ahead.

4. To a lovely 40-year old who is able to manage both work and family with the same dedication and love, here’s a salute to you. Happy Birthday.

5. Until 40, most of us are busy committing mistakes and after 40, most of us are busy regretting them. Being exactly 40 years old is the right time to celebrate life to the fullest. Wishing you a very happy 40th Birthday.

6. Hey congrats on the 24th anniversary of your 16th birthday. Let’s make it wackier than last year, what say? Cheers to teenage, it rocks!

7. I wish that on your 40th birthday, all those dreams that were not fulfilled during the past 4 decades suddenly come true. Have a nice day.

8. Forty is when life just begins to grow younger because you have all the maturity possible and all the childishness that you need to start afresh. Enjoy this lovely phase of life. Wishing you a Happy 40th Birthday.

9. When you’re young, you’re too busy trying to achieve the impossible, when you’re old, you’re too busy figuring what was so impossible to achieve. Forty seems like just the right age to have the level headedness to differentiate between the two. Happy 40th Birthday.

10. On your 40th Birthday today, see how many more horizons you have to conquer, how many more dreams to live, how many more happy times to witness and how many more milestone to achieve in life. May you achieve all this in life and more. Happy 40th Birthday.

11. Do you know what the best way to beat 40 is? Hang around people who are fatter, lousier and older looking than you! Haha. Wishing you a Happy 40th Birthday.

12. I wish your birthday this year gives you more reasons to smile and most of all to be thankful. 40 years of life means there are a lot of people in this world who really love your presence here. Happy Birthday, dear.

13. How does it feel to turn one year closer to 50? Excited? Nervous? Overwhelmed? Happy? Enjoy this mix of emotions on your 40th Happy Birthday! Wishing you many happy returns of the day.

14. On your 40th birthday, I would like to wish
The best of everything in your life
May you find your way to happiness
And all the strive!
Stay happy!
Happy 40th birthday to you!

15. Just like wine is best enjoyed when it isn’t too old or too young, life too is enjoyed in the same way. What are you waiting for then? Wishing you a Happy 40th Birthday.

16. Happy 40th Anniversary of the day when you were born. May you have a scintillating year ahead! Life feels so much better because you are a part of it. Love you.

17. ongrats! You are 40 now and are doing so well. I’m so proud of the person you have become. 10 more years to go till you finally hit half a century. Let the ride commence! Have a terrific journey.

18. Forty is the perfect vantage point in life from where you can clearly see all the mistakes you’ve made and the right decisions you took. Let’s this bird’s eye perspective only get stronger for you. Happy 40th Birthday!

19. Get officially naughty at forty
Because you got a bit sexy,
You got a bit wise,
Get going this way,
Keep going your way,
Happy 40th birthday to you!

20. On your 40Th Birthday, I congratulate for your successful journey so far and wish that you always walk with your ever-growing enthusiasm and confidence. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May God always bless you with love and care.

21. It is said that at 20, you master in the energy you possess; at 30, you master in the wit while at 40, you master in judgment. Congrats! Now you are blessed with all the 3. Happy 40th birthday to you.

22. The book of life is divided into different chapters. Each birthday marks the start of a new chapter. What comes within the chapter, depends on you and you alone. May all the chapters to come have sweet memories and joyous times written all over it. Happy Birthday.

23. They say the 40’s is the new 20’s, and when I think of you, I can not agree more. Always be the way you are- vibrant, youthful and motivating. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy.

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