happy 25th birthday

25th birthday wishes : Best collection of 25th birthday wishes for everyone to say happy 25th birthday in a poetic way.

Best 25th birthday wishes

1. Happy 25th birthday to a delightful young woman! You bring joy and laughter to all who are blessed to know you! May many years of happiness await you.

2. Hoping you get the whole birthday package: great food, drinks, fun and lots of cake and gifts. Come on, let’s start celebrating!

3. Happy 25th birthday, old fart! Don’t be in a rush to get to your 30s — you may pass out from the effort.

4. You know what’s fantastic about turning 25? You can now rent a car without higher fees! Happy birthday, young lady, and enjoy where your rental car takes you!

5. Happy quarter of a century!

6. May your 25th birthday be filled with enough happiness to last through the whole year.

7. The best years of life are about to come.Happy 25th Birthday!May every dream of yours come true!

8. At 25, you are halfway to 50, so start enjoying your youth before, gulp, you get old. Let’s make your birthday epic!

9. You are a beautiful young woman to be cherished and respected. Enjoy your 25th birthday and all the surprises and joys this year brings. You deserve all the happiness in the world, dear friend.

10. You deserve more than the best. Wishing you a year’s worth of joy and riches on your special day. Happy 25th birthday!

11. Hope your 25th birthday is really special, just like you.

12. You don’t turn 25 every day, so let the party begin. Happy 25th birthday!

13. Hope for a really special 25th Birthday, just like you.You are an amazing friend, with a good heart.

14. Birthday 25 is the beginning of a new era of prosperity, purpose and happiness for you.

15. Congratulations! You have made it through half of your 20s! You have gotten through school and started on the exciting path to adulthood. It only gets better from here, I promise!

16. Wow, it’s the 25th anniversary of your birth. How does it feel to be “old”? Happy 25th birthday!

17. May the next three quarter centuries bring you as much happiness, hope, health and success as your first. Happy 25th birthday!

18. You deserve more than a “happy” birthday. You deserve a joyful, cheerful, blissful, ecstatic, jubilant, euphoric, enjoyable, exciting, wonderful birthday over the moon, on cloud nine.

19. Congratulations! You’re finally a quarter century old (in other words, just about ancient). Happy 25th birthday, old fart!

20. On your birthday, today, I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement and beautiful memories.

21. May all your dreams come incredibly true and only get better with time! Have an amazing 25th birthday!

22. A birthday as momentous as your 25th deserves an amazing celebration. Have a blast on your special day!

23. Dearest friend, you are in for the best year of your life. Nothing beats turning 25. You have gotten through the moody teenage years and the crazy early 20s, and now you know who you are and where you are going. What a beautiful experience! Relish this special day and don’t forget to celebrate!

24. crucial as a birthday worth 25 grand celebration. The explosion will be on your special day!

25. On this day every year may all your wishes come true. Today we celebrate his life.

26. Congratulations! I was finally a quarter of a century old.

27. Congratulations, you’ve made it to a quarter of a century.

28. Dear friend, you have reached a quarter of a century in age. This calls for a celebration! Here’s to living large at 25.

29. Oh, what an exciting age to be! You have experienced so much of life, yet so much more awaits you! Happy 25th birthday, and remember to savor each thrilling, joyous moment of your special day!

30. Happy 25th birthday! Just think. Here you stand at the edge of the sea of life, poised to take the plunge. Go for it, girl! The best years of your life are just under the surface.

31. Do you have a remote super-duper birthday! I wish you a happy and memorable day!

32. Congatulations on turning 25, now you’re officially old.

33. You’re one fourth of the way to 100, way to go.

34. Happy 25th anniversary of your birth.

35. Congratulations, you’ve made it half way through your 20’s.

36. You’re one-quarter of the way to turning a century old! Happy “Quarter of 100th” birthday!

37. Wishing you all the joy you can take — and more — on your 25th birthday and beyond!

38. Hoping that all your dreams and wishes come true on your 25th birthday.

39. Hoping your 25th birthday is the start of a new era of prosperity, purpose and happiness for you.

40. Celebrate as much as you can stand tonight, because you are 25 only once in a lifetime.

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