happy 20th birthday

20th birthday wishes : Best collection of 20th birthday wishes for everyone to say happy 20th birthday in a poetic way.

Best 20th birthday wishes

1. I am baking a birthday cake for you
Love, hope smile wishes mix with the
chocolate of happiness
become a perfect recipe..
Happy 20th birthday friend.

2. The more you praise and celebrate
your life, the more there is
in life to celebrate!
Happy 20th birthday!

3. Just wanted to be the first one
to wish you a happy birthday
so I can feel superior to
your other well-wishers.
Happy 20th birthday!

4. I am lucky to have a friend who is
funny and charming like you.
Calling you my best friend would be
the understatement of world.
You are the sister I never had
and sometimes the mother I often need.
You always helped me and wiped my tears,
whenever I cried and went in depression.
I am greatful to life who makes me feel
like the person I always want to.
On your birthday today,
I wish I could have given you
everything in the world.
Happy birthday my dearest
girl and god bless you.

5.┬áKid you’ll move mountains today..
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting so..
get on your way!
Move the mountain of the chocolate cake..
Happy 20th birthday

6. One of life’s joys is
having a grand daughter
as wonderful as you.
Happy 20th birthday with love.

7. Here wishing you a birthday
filled with lots of joys and fun..
Happy 20th birthday!

8. On your special day…
may the nicest and the
sweetest surprises
come your way
Happy 20th birthday sister!

9. May I give you any birthday present
you ask for, but it will never be enough
equal or more worth the place you carry in my life.
I love you my dearest sister.
Have a rocking birthday.
I promise to help you do that.
Happy 20th birthday!

10. As you grow up
make sure your have..
more opportunities than chances,
more hard work than luck
and more friends than acquaintances.
May you have the very best in life.
Happy 20th birthday!

11. Family made us brothers,
life made us friends.
Here’s a great big birthday
hug full of love and happy wishes
as you celebrate your special day!
Happy 20th birthday!

12. Brother and sister, together as friends,
Ready to face, whatever life sends.
Joy and laughter or tears and stride,
Holding hands tightly as we dance through life..
Happy 20th birthday to both brother and sister..

13. On your 21st birthday, you should not
care what the world think of you;
On your 30th, you should be sorry about
what it is thinking of us;
On your 40th, you discover that
it wasn’t thinking of you at all..
Happy 20th birthday!

14. Nothing lasts for ever,
so live it up, drink it down,
laugh it off, avoid the bullshit,
take chances and never have regrets
because at one point, everything
you did was exactly what you wanted.
Happy 20th birthday!

15. Gone are the days
when girls used to cook
like their mothers.
Now they drink like their fathers.
Happy 20th birthday!

16. Happy birthday to the most lovable
and adorable star on this planet.
May your birthday bring you
good luck and last for the whole year.
Happy birthday to you!

17. I’m wishing you another year
of laughter joy and fun,
surprises, love and happiness
and when your birthday’s done,
I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthday is coming up
how very much you mean to me,
more than you can know.
Happy 20th birthday!

18. When a man is tired of life
on his birthday, it indicates
that he is rather tired of
something in himself.
Happy birthday!

19. Sometimes being a brother
is even better than being
a super hero.
Happy birthday!

20. Finally 20, and legally
able to do everything
you’ve been doing since 15
Cheers! Happy birthday!

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