Funny birthday wishes:I am not that cheap, understand my feelings they are so deep, so what if i just bought you a card and no gift, i was in a hurry, i was in swift, forget everything rest my dear, happy birthday go and spread the cheer! Get more funny birthday wishes below to say funny happy birthday.

Funny birthday wishes

1.Two tips on your birthday:
Forget the past, you can’t change it.
Forget the present, I didn’t get you one.
Happy birthday dear.

2. As you get older three things happen.
The first is your memory goes
I can’t remember other two.
Wish you a lovely birthday. Have a great day.

3. It is scientifically proven that who have more birthdays live longer. Happy birthday dear.

4. My golden words for your birthday. “Smile while you still have teeth”. Happy birthday.

5. I genuinely hope that from today, you start gathering experience in your head like you never have for all these years! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

6. Don’t worry, I am right here by your side to help you mourn the death of your youth. Happy Birthday.

7.  Life would be infinitely better if we could be born at the age of eighty, and gradually approach eighteen. Happy birthday.

8. Happy birthday to the wrinkle on your face. Welcome To another set of grey hairs on your head.

9. If god created you for a special purpose, that purpose has still not been achieved! Happy birthday! Wishing you awesome years of joy and success ahead.

10. Happy birthday, You know you are getting old when the candle cost more than the cake!!!!!! Ha hahaha …..

11.  Forgot about the what has happened in the past, you cannot change it., Forget about what will happen in coming future, you cannot predict it. Forget about what is going to happen in the present, I did not get you one!

12. There were a lot of famous people born on your birthday. Too bad you aren’t one. May you grow wiser this year Happy Birthday……

13. Do you think the age is a Funny thing and you can ignore it? Wait till you have a look yourself in the mirror. Happy Birthday!

14. The old we get the more we should accessorize Happy birthday.

15. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes from each of you who have noticed my name appearing today in the upper right side corner of your facebook wall.

16.  My dear, For this year, all I ask for is a BIG FAT bank account and a slim body. Please, don’t mix up the two like you did last year. Happy birthday.

17. Happy birthday, I was gonna make you an RUM CAKE, But now I’m drunk and it’s a just cake.

18. We will be friends until we are old and senile. Then we’ll be new friends! Happy birthday…

19. Thank for the Birthday Wishes from each of you who have noticed my name appearing today in the upper right side corner of your facebook wall.

20. You’re not getting older. You just collect wrinkles! Happy Birthday.

21. I have to give you some wisdom quotes for your birthday,
“Smile while you still have teeth”. Happy Birthday!

22. Congratulations you are now too old to die young Happy birthday…….

23. Happy birthday, Did you know… The average man loses his keys, wallets, memory, hearing and phone over 1000 times a year of course you did.

24. Please do not complain about your increasing age,
I know truth hurts but it shall set you free,
So break free my dear friend, Happy Birthday to you!

25. Happy birthday handsome, You may be getting old. But look on the Brightside..

26. May you live to be old and toothless Happy birthday….

27. I hope you celebrate your birthday the way you came into this world…. Naked and screaming…. Funny happy birthday.

28. I just thought to wish you an extremely early happy birthday, So that I can continue to think about myself!

29.  Dear friend, Have you ever wondered why I’ve kept you around for so long? You know too many of my secrets! Happy birthday…

30. Remember age gets better with wine, Funny happy birthday…..

31. When the candles cost you more than the cake, Understand that you are actually getting old. Happy Birthday!

32.  I almost sent you a real birthday my internet connection came back. Happy birthday…

33. I didn’t know whether to text tweet chat or poke you… Happy birthday..

34. Do not let your old age let you down because it is too hard to take the backup!

35. It is been proven scientifically that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer.

36. Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake. Funny Happy Birthday

37. Fifty! You’re fifty yes Fifty
Happy birthday…..

38. You are going to have a happy birthday and like it! Understand?

39. So far, this is the oldest you have ever been..

40. Growing old is mandatory… Growing up is optional….. A very happy birthday to you.

41. It’s your birthday put on a smile as big as this Happy birthday!

42. Happy birthday! They say that with age comes wisdom. I’m not so sure I’ve met a lot of really stupid old people. So far, you’re not one of them..

43. Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Happy birthday.

44. Happy birthday! Yes, we’ve reached that age …. When every compliment we get is usually followed by “for your age.”

45. I wish to say a thousand words to you but I’ll compress them only in three magical words! Where’s the party???? What else did you think Happy Birthday!!!!

46. Blow the candles, cut the cake, just got drunk than you can take, today is your day, just have lots of fun. Happiness and joy are what I wish for you in tonnes. Funny happy birthday.

47. I was going to get you present but they said if’s more personal and heartfelt to give you a birthday message. So here goes:HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

48. A birthday is just the first day of another 365 days journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip. Happy birthday.

49. Artificial intelligence is a wonderful thing. I told my computer that today was your birthday, and it said that you need an upgrade. Downloads Happy Birthday….

50. I saw the birthday fairy coming your way…. and I knocked her ass out! I’ve always got your back sister Happy birthday..

51. They say love is all you need…. So I forgot to buy you a birthday present… Funny Happy Birthday.

52. Happy birthday your minions love you.
Wait. Wait. Wait. You’re how old?

53. They saw all you need is Love What do I do all these Birthday present I got you now? Happy birthday.

54. I will sing happy birthday to you so much you’ll wish you’d never been born happy birthday!!!

55. Forget about the past you can’t change it, Forget about future you can’t predict it, Forget about a present I didn’t get you one! Happy birthday.

56. You know the birthday is the only day in life when you came cried and made your parents happy…. Happy birthday dear.

57. I am going to tell you one secret … As for as I know you. Today you are the oldest. So let’s celebrate that. Funny Happy birthday…

58. A little bird told me that someone getting older. FUNNY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

59. As this is another birthday, I think to get a bigger cake next time, the candles should also fit on the cake right, just kidding. Happy Birthday.

60. Happy birthday to you my dear, happy days will come to you each year. If I wish then it would be a Happy Happy birthday to you from me.

Long funny birthday wishes

1. What is your birthday plan for today?
How are you making it a pleasant day?
Don’t skip a chance, coz I want my treat,
I was the first one to greet,
Happy birthday to you my friend,
Have a nice day and understand,
Why I did not get you a

2. Birthdays are so much of fun,
Happy birthday to my sweet little bun,
May you eat a lot today,
May you get a chance to say,
May you get many more gifts,
May you stay blessed this way,
Wish you a very happy birthday,
Have a super duper day!

3.  It is your birthday, so celebrate it with joy,
Coz I have bought you your favorite toy,
Because you are still childlike in life,
Because you still don’t know to strive,
But, I wish you have a nice day today,
Have lots of fun on your special day,
Wishing you an amazing birthday,
Stay blessed!

4. The party caps are ready and so is the cake,
The beer is brewing and the cookies are kept to bake.
Presents are already here and more are left to come,
The birthday person is still not here, so let’s take everything and run!

5. I know that it’s your birthday today,
You don’t need to pull that hair,
Because it’s really not fair,
That mirror is showing your age,
Haha…take this with some grace,
Wish you a lovely birthday,
Have a super awesome day,
Don’t forget to enjoy your day!

Funny birthday wishes for him

1.  Men are like the Red Wine, Some turn up to Vinegar,
But the rest improve with the age.
Happy Birthday.

2. Do you remember how much excited you were
when you were celebrating your 5th Birthday!
You must be ten times that of that now! Happy Birthday!!

3. “The first sign of knowing that you are getting matured is,
the discover that the knob of volume also turns towards left.”

4. If anyone comes up with an idea to call you an old man ,
then throw him your teeth and hit him hard with your stick, Happy Birthday Husband!

5. Happy Birthday Husband!
For some reason when I shop for your birthday,
I actually end up finding lots of presents for myself
I must say your birthdays are truly expensive, but you are worth it!

Funny birthday wishes for her

1. Just like a fine wine we get better with our age..
or is it rather, we feel better about our age only with lots of wine?

2. Good News for Women!
I heard that fifty is the new 30!
Oh, just wait a minute – I think what I actually heard is,
“Fifty is thirty plus twenty years”, Oh! by the way, wish you a happy birthday!

3. As you are getting older three things are bound to happen,
the first is that your memory fades, and I cannot remember the other two of them!

4. Not just a wonderful wife, you are also my best friend and I wish you get older with you throughout my life. Happy Birthday to my dear Wife.

5. Hey! As is is your Birthday today, I promise to take over all the household work for the day! Happy Birthday Wife!!

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